Warning For Cellophane Bags

Today, cellophane bags are of extensive use and a primary source for packaging materials catering to different segments of the market; however, cellophane bags tend to have a negative side that should be considered seriously. If you are not careful enough, cellophane bags can jeopardize you oryour child’s life, or perhaps even your pet’s well-being. Just as you have seen with regular plastic bags or grocery bags, there must be a warning for cellophane bags where it indicates that a child should not be left alone with it. The versatility of cellophane bags has allowed them to become extremely popular, but the consumers should never ignore the warning for cellophane bags. A few factors like the thickness of the cellophane bag, the absence of perforations and drawstring type of closures can become a danger to small children and pets.

Children at Risk

The warning for cellophane bags usually display a message that is directed to the parents but it’s in regards to the safety of their children. Usually, it is younger children who tend to get in trouble when tampering with different types of cellophane bags, mostly because they don’t understand what a bag can do to them. Definitely, the use of cellophane bags can become dangerous for an unsupervised child because if they try to place the cellophane bag over their head, it can lead to suffocation. Other life threatening incidents may occur if this type of cellophane bag gets stuffed into the nostrils or mouth of a child leading to suffocation. Make sure you read thoroughly the warning for cellophane bags.

Pets Can Be Vulnerable Too

Those who own pets should also be careful when handling cellophane bags, or any type of plastic bag. Perhaps you have read in the news how there have been many cases of deaths of pets due to suffocation by cellophane bags. Your favorite snack or chocolate packing can at times even kill your pets, and it could have been avoided if you have read the warning for cellophane bags. Furthermore, there areincreasingrates of death of dogs due to the fact that people often tend to miss the warning for cellophane bags.

Standards and Specifications

When it comes to the manufacturing of cellophane bags it’s required for the companies to comply with the standards that are laid out by the local authorities. Both plastic bags and cellophane bags are to be marked with a warning for cellophane bags as to the proper use of the items, in order to avoid any endangerment. Moreover, the compliance with Toy Safety Directive for toys and packaging of toys are to be followed for the protection of children. During the manufacturing process of flexible plastic sheets and cellophane bags, the standard EN 71-1 has to be followed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of suffocation. The specifications that have to be strictly followed in addition to the warning for cellophane bags are:

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