Colored Cellophane Bags

Homemade goodies make inexpensive and thoughtful gifts during Christmas and other special occasions, and putting them in colored cellophane bags make them more special. These bags make excellent packaging tools for edible homemade treats because they are food safe. The variety of colors available for these bags enables one to personalize the gift according to the occasion and preferences of the recipient. Edible treats like cookies, candies and cupcakes can look more enticing and sumptuous when packed in colored cellophane bags.

On the other hand, even if your gift item or party treat is not edible, colored cellophane bags will do to.  These bags are quite versatile as they can also be used in packing scented soaps, toys, figurines and other articles.  Cellophane bags serve as effective barriers against moisture, dirt, and grease which can damage the items.

What are the different colors of cellophane bags sold these days?

Colored cellophane bags come in a wide variety of colors, and so there are plenty of ways to customize the gift bag according to the occasion and intent. The following are some of the most popular colors of cellophane bags:

What are the styles of colored cellophane bags?

Colored cellophane bags usually have gussets running on both sides of the bag that is around 1 to 3 inches thick. These bags come in different sizes, the more popular of which are 4 inches x 9 inches and 5 inches x 11 inches. Colored cellophane bags are also available in solid, plain color and printed colored bags.
To determine which style is best for your need you should take stock of the following:

What are the best places to buy colored cellophane bags?

The following companies offer a wide array of choices and good deals on colored cellophane bags:

Colored cellophane bags make the perfect packaging and gift wrapper for gifts and party favors if you want them to be more personalized and tasteful.

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