Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags have many practical uses. In the past, they were mainly used for food products, but today, cellophane bags are also being used by newspaper companies, gift shops, printing companies, and many others.

All over the world, landfills are filled with plastic bags and cellophane bags that do not decompose. Because of this, environment-conscious individuals can opt to use biodegradable cellophane bags, which is the substitute of non-decomposing cellophane and plastic bags.

100% Compostable Cellulose

Cellophane bags are made of a transparent and thin sheet of cellulose, and the biodegradable cellophane bags are made of 100% compostable cellulose. The fibers of wood cellulose are sourced using the principles of sustainable forestry, which means that the trees are grown and harvested for the purpose of producing cellophane bags. Cottonwood trees are commonly used by most manufacturing companies.
The advantage of using these bags is that they will break down shortly in a home composting environment. Using cellophane bags is definitely a better alternative to using plastic bags. In fact, activists fighting against the use of plastic encourage the use of cellophane bags.

Environmental Impact of Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Biodegradable cellophane bags come from trees and will therefore decompose in a few weeks. It has no harmful effect on the environment. Environmentalists often promote the use of biodegradable items like cellophane and paper bags, which can be broken down by living microorganisms found in the soil, similar to plants and leaves. For this reason, they classify biodegradable cellophane bags as “green” products.

Features of Biodegradable Cellophane Bags
Just like the regular cellophane bags, biodegradable cellophane bags have features such as:

Are They More Expensive?

It is normal to think that biodegradable cellophane bags are more expensive than the regular ones. But the reality is that the price difference is minimal. A case of standard flat cellophane bags with a size of 3.75” x 6.5” may cost around $3.16, while its biodegradable version may only be roughly $4.43. Since the difference is merely a dollar or so, you might as well get the biodegradable bag. It can be your way of helping to protect Mother Earth.

The prices of cellophane bags vary depending on the size and type. Naturally, a biodegradable standard flat bag is much cheaper than the heavy-duty flat bag.

Buying in Bulk

You can purchase biodegradable cellophane bags online, and if you research well, you will be able to get the best price. Buying in bulk also allows you to save on cost since the price will get lower if you buy more.

If you are just starting out in your baking venture, you will need to prepare for packaging, and for sure, the use of biodegradable bags will be appreciated by your clients. You can order printed cellophane bags in different sizes. It can also be customized with your logo or brand.

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