Gift Basket Cellophane Bags

Also referred to as cello bags, cellophanes are now known to many people as gift basket cellophane bags because they make very good gift bags. They can either function as simple gift bags or they can be used as wrap baskets. Gift basket cellophane bags make gift giving so much fun because you can put all kinds of things into the basket and dress it beautifully with a ribbon.

Making Gift Basket Cellophane Bags

All year round, people will find a good use for gift basket cellophane bags. There are various events that happen in a year and if you are the type of person who enjoys giving gifts to others, then you can make the experience more memorable, by taking time to wrap every gift, intricately.

Follow this process:

Step 1: Cut the cellophane in the proper height and width. Make sure to leave extra space to be able to fit the item perfectly.
Step 2: Wrap the cellophane around the box, and make sure to tape it together on the long side of the cellophane. It is important that you get to put the tape all over the length of the cellophane so that you can secure it together. You can have it a little short at the top, but it should go all the way to the bottom of your box.
Step 3: Get the widest edge at the bottom of the box and fold it down. Get the shortest edges of the cellophane and fold it into triangles. Allow the cellophane to cover the entire bottom and tape it together securely.
Step 4: Carefully remove the box from the gift basket cellophane bag and you will see that you have just created your own gift bag. If you are going to carry something heavy in the bag, you can provide it a solid base with the help of a piece of cardboard.
Step 5: Place your gift inside the box and seal it with a ribbon. You can even curl the edges by using a pair of scissors.

Advantage of Using Cellophane Gift Baskets

The greatest advantage to using cellophane in wrapping your gifts is the fact that you can dress it up and make it more personal. Gift giving is a very special activity that both the giver and the receiver should enjoy. When you choose to make gift baskets using cellophane bags, you will surely enjoy the experience of making one because you can exercise your creativity and the person you shall be giving the gift to will appreciate the gesture, even more.

Another great thing about using cellophane gift bags is that you get to save money. You do not have to go to a shop and have the gift wrapped by someone else, and you do not have to buy expensive gift-wrapping paper, which will serve the same purpose anyway. You can also buy cellophane at a wholesale price and use it for all kinds of things other than wrapping presents.

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