Facts About Cellophane Bags

It happens to be no secret that cellophane bags have become quite essential in the creation of beautiful party favors. Despite the fact that cellophane bags were first used to wrap food, time has made the product evolve by introducing cellophane bags to other types of industries. Today, you can find cellophane bags protecting electronic devices, as well as wrapped around a box of gum or cigarettes. Moreover, there are many facts about cellophane bags that still remain unknown because people often tend to be oblivious to the origins of certain inventions, such as cellophane bags.

A Bit of Cellophane History

Perhaps you are aware that cellophane has been around for over 100 years. It was a chemist from Switzerland named Jacques Brandenberger who discovered cellulose, which is an organic compound that makes up the cellophane bags we know today. Brandenberger observed how a table cloth got wet after somebody spilled a bottle of wine, and he fantasized about finding a special product that would make the table cloth resistant to the wine. Later on, Brandenberger spent some time at home trying to discover the chemical that would have the desired effect on the cloth, and that’s how he found regenerated cellulose. He was capable of making the table cloth stiff and as he experimented more, he realized he could actually remove the thin film of material from the table cloth, giving birth to the first cellophane bag.

Different Sizes and Colors of Cellophane Bags

Certainly, when cellophane bags first started, the production was quite limited and they didn’t have different colors and sizes as you see today. Even today, it seems that the clear version of cellophane bags is still one of the most sought-after types, perhaps because it transmits cleanliness. Moreover, there are many factors about cellophane bags that need to be known in regards to sizes and colors, because some manufacturers have already stated the specific sizes that they will produce of their cellophane bags. However, if you are planning to create party favors or wedding favors for an event, don’t be afraid because you will find cellophane bags of numerous different sizes and colors. It’s important to mention that newer cellophane bags are made from organic materials, which means that the consumer will be able to reuse them or have them recycled.

Buying Cellophane Bags on the Web

The last time that you bought a greeting card at your local grocery store, you might have noticed that they come wrapped in cellophane bags. Without a doubt, cellophane bags are now available in almost every store in the food packaging and storage section, or in the office and school supplies area. The facts about cellophane bags state that they went from being exclusively used in the kitchen, to being incorporated in so many different activities both at home and at work. Keep in mind that if you’re going to plan your own party or somebody else’s party, you may want to plan in advance and order the cellophane bags that you need from the following online stores:

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