Different Colors Of Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags can be considered one of the most suited and safest optionsto package food and other types of edibles, mostly due to their capability of keeping moisture out. Ever since cellophane bags were invented in the early years of the 20th century, their main purpose was to protect the items that were store inside. Of course, as the years went by, different manufacturers started to improve the characteristics offered by cellophane bags, and they have been able to add different colors of cellophane bags to the production.

Perhaps you’re wondering why would somebody need different colors of cellophane bags, but you would be amazed to learn that there are many uses for them. While some consumers only use them for food packaging, others use them to wrap entire party favors given out at important events. Moreover, large manufacturers tend to use smaller cellophane bags to wrap boxes, such as those containing cigarettes and gum.

Clear Cellophane Bags

The basic design of cellophane bags comprises two main divisions: clear and colored. Without a doubt, the very first cellophane bag engineered by Jacques Brandenberger was clear, since the thin film that he was able to create using sprayed rayon didn’t have any color. However, as time went by, the different colors of cellophane bags started to be produced in the United States, which were later used for decoration. Today, you can find the two types of cellophane bags and they are both widely used for different purposes. Clear cellophane bags are basic in nature, but they continue to be quite popular, especially in products like gum where the manufacturer doesn’t want to cover up the box completely.

The Mixed Colored Bags

The second main division of cellophane bags is the one that comprises all colored bags, which are known to be stylish and vibrant. In this category, cellophane bags are produced in almost any color imaginable and in some cases, they might even be combined. Certainly, you will find different colors of cellophane bags such as:

The finish of the material can also be modified to show a glossy finish or a matte one, and they all can be combined with clear cellophane if need be. The different colors of cellophane bags can be combined with those that come in different patterns, in which you may find two different colors combined in the same bag. The cellophane bags of combined colors are very common in children’s parties and are also used to wrap candy bars.

Oval Window Pouches Cellophane Bags

In addition to clear cellophane bags and colored cellophane bags, you will also find special categories that include pouches that are made with cellophane. These pouches are extremely useful if you need to pack food that is easy to spill, such as jelly or broth. The majority of large food packaging companies purchase thousands of these cellophane pouches. Some of the choices include:

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