Food Cellophane Bags

Food cellophane bags are efficient food storage bags because they keep the food fresh longer, preserving its taste and texture. Foods stored in these types of bags are not only safe from dust, dirt and all other foreign elements, but they can also look more appetizing, since cellophane bags can also serve as decorative enhancements to complement with the food items they contain.

These bags have become a popular item in many households since they are used in storing excess foods, allowing them to be consumed on the next meal, and therefore save money. Food cellophane bags are also used in wrapping cookies, cupcakes and other edible treats for gifts and business purposes.

What makes Cellophane Bags perfect for Storing Food?

Food cellophane bags are superior over other type of food storage bags in a number of ways.  These bags are known for the following:

What are the different types of food cellophane bags?

Food cellophane bags come in plenty of sizes, colors and shapes. There are cellophane bags that have open-ended tops which you can seal using a heat sealer, decorative ribbons or wire-ties. Meanwhile, some cellophane bags have self-adhesive strips or zipper locks on top for quick and easy sealing. These bags also come in flat and gusseted types. The gussets could be running either on the sides or at the bottom of the bag to make room for bulky food items. While most of them are rectangular-shaped bags, square bags are also available.

How much do food cellophane bags cost?

Since there are a variety of sizes, styles and colors of cellophane food bags, the prices also differ. The cost of the standard flat clear food bags ranges from $5 up to $40 per pack of 100 pieces. Food bags with interlocking system cost around $9 to $20 per pack of 100 pieces.

Food cellophane bags are widely available in the local grocery, craft, gift, floral and gourmet stores. They can also be purchased online. But of course, the best cellophane food bag is the one that meets your specific requirements. If you are going to use it for daily food storage, then you should go for bags with interlocking system. If it is for gift wrapping or food business, then open-ended bags will do fine.

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