Resealable Cellophane Bags

It is pretty difficult to imagine what the world was like before the invention of resealable cellophane bags. Cellophane was invented in the early 1900s, and was mainly used as candy wrapping, but the added feature of being able to seal the bags again once opened didn't come until the 1960s. The introduction of petroleum-based plastics did not do anything to decrease the popularity of the cellophane bags – the bags simply became more indispensable for an average person. But the fact is, resealable cellophane bags have only one use, and that is, to store items properly so that they stay fresh and clean.

Plastics and Cellophane

As a side note, plastic, which is petroleum-based, is completely different from a cellophane-based material. The former is more durable, which also makes it more difficult to degrade, and when exposed to heat, releases chemicals and toxins contributing to the greenhouse effect. Cellulose based materials, however, are completely degradable. The problem is that plastic has assumed an umbrella definition because of a similarity in appearance that also covers cellophane-based materials, thereby confusing the average consumer about the concerns for the health of the environment. But cellophane does not harm the environment, being in fact made out of cellulose, the primary make-up of all plant materials.

How to Use Cellophane Bags

Resealable cellophane bags are the best option in this cultural habit of keeping things. The added ability to reseal the contents for an indefinite amount of time certainly helps add to the number of occasions to keep a cellophane bag handy, from transporting, storing, and keeping anything that can be kept. The record volume for a bag is around 22 kilograms, and for any individual, more than two kilograms is already uncomfortable carrying around. And while the applications of cellophane bags in industrial environments are many, all the more so for any average individual in an average day.

Important Uses of Resealable Cellophane Bags

Below are the most common uses of resealable cellophane bags:

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