Small Cellophane Bags

An easy and effective way of wrapping party favors and treats is by using small cellophane bags. These are tiny, thin bags that make party keepsakes and goodies more appealing. Their simple yet stylish designs add charm to any kind of party tokens or treats. Since they are made from durable cellophane materials, small cellophane bags can hold just about any article.

Small cellophane bags are popular among individuals who want to give out beautifully-packed party treats to guests during their parties; whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding, graduation or any other occasion. Business owners who want to attract more customers also find small cellophane bags an excellent packaging material for their products.  It also doesn’t hurt that these bags are quite affordable too.

What makes small cellophane bags better than the other packaging materials?

Small cellophane bags are preferred over other packaging materials for a variety of reasons.

What are the different styles of small cellophane bags?

Small cellophane bags come in different styles such as open-ended, re-sealable and side gusseted. Open-ended cellophane bags are usually flat bags with ends wide open allowing you to seal and decorate it with your choice of trimmings. Re-sealable bags are also flat bags with integrated sealants, which could either be self-adhesive strips or zip locks. Side gusseted bags, on the other hand, are usually open-ended and can stand upright due to the gussets on both sides.

How much do small cellophane bags cost?

The prices of small cellophane bags vary depending on the size, print and style. Flat bags cost anywhere between $6 and $14, the re-sealable ones cost around $4 to $24, while the side gusseted small bags cost about $7 to $17.  These are usually sold in packs of 100 pieces.

Where is the best place to buy cellophane bags?

Cellophane bags are available from various sources, but the best place to buy them is through the internet. Shopping online is not only convenient but cost-effective too as some online stores offer free shipping to their customers. Most of them also have brick-and-mortar stores should anyone want to see the items personally. Some of these shops are:

Small cellophane bags are great packaging items to always have at home which can be used not only during special occasions but whenever storage of knick-knacks is needed. 

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