Extra Large Cellophane Bags

Extra large cellophane bags are decorative bags ideal for wrapping oversized and oddly-shaped items like gift baskets. These bags have become increasingly popular these days because they not only protect the items they hold, but they also add visual appeal making the gifts more interesting. They effectively showcase the beauty of the gift item and at the same time display the creativity and sincerity of the gift giver which will surely be perceived and appreciated by the recipient. Extra large cellophane bags are the best way to complete the presentation of huge gift items for any occasion.

What issues about gift wrapping do extra large cellophane bags address?

Extra large cellophane bags help resolve several concerns that often come with wrapping gifts, especially oversized ones.

What are the uses of extra large cellophane bags?

Aside from wrapping oversized gifts, these bags can also be used to pack baked products like cakes and breads. They easily make the presentation of the food items more tempting and professional. Oversized cellophane bags make excellent household food storage bags as well.  Other than that, they can also be used to store and protect all kinds of stuff like books, toys, comforters and many more.

How big are extra large cellophane bags?

The popular sizes for extra large cellophane bags are:

How much do extra large cellophane bags cost?

These bags can be bought in packs of 20’s and 100’s. A package of one hundred oversized cellophane bags costs anywhere between $23 and $45, while packs of 20 cost around $11 to $15.

If you want to save more money on wrappers, a DIY oversized cellophane bag from cellophane rolls is a good option. You can obtain clear cellophane rolls for just $5 to $10, while colored rolls cost anywhere between $8 and $11. Meanwhile, printed cellophane rolls cost around $10.

You may also find good deals on oversized cellophane bags from That’s a Wrap, Creative Gift Packaging, Inc., Nashville Wraps, and Essential Packaging, Inc.

Extra large cellophane bags make wrapping oversized gifts quick, easy and economical too.

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