Large Cellophane Bags

No other material can hold and protect big items better than large cellophane bags can. These bags are made from cellophane sheets which have been manufactured from natural materials that bring no harm to the environment. Cellophane bags are durable as they are unaffected by moisture and oil.  Because of the cellophane’s low permeability to water, grease, air and even microorganisms, it has become a popular choice in food packaging.  But cellophane bags have also been found useful in wrapping items other than food, like cards, cigarettes, books and other articles.

These days, large cellophane bags are used as gift wrappers by people who want to make their bulky presents more attractive. Entrepreneurs also find these bags very helpful not only in securing their products and protecting them from dust and dirt, but also in adding visual impact to make their merchandise irresistible.  The affordability of cellophane bags is also a reason why they are the packing material of choice.

Styles of Large Cellophane Bags

Large cellophane bags come in two styles - flat and gusseted.

Sizes of Large Cellophane Bags

There are a number of sizes for each style of cellophane bags. Large flat cellophane bags are measured in width and height. The most popular sizes for these bags are 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 8 inches, 6 by 9 inches, 6 by 12 inches, 7 by 11 inches, 9 by 12 inches and 10 by 13 inches. Meanwhile, large gusseted cellophane bags are measured in width, gusset and height. The gussets run from 1 inch to 3 inches, and the most popular sizes are 4 by 9 inches, 4 by 18 inches, 5 by 11 inches, 6 by 13 inches, 7 by 15 inches and 7 by 18 inches.

Due to the sheer number of choices available for those looking for large cellophane bags, shopping for them can be a bit confusing. In order to find the right bag, it is extremely crucial to get the correct dimensions of the gift. It is also important to know the taste of the recipient to add some personal touch to it.

Where to find Large Cellophane Bags

These bags can be acquired through the following:

Large cellophane bags are some of the finest choices for wrapping creations and gifts in style. The countless number of sizes, colors and designs of these bags allows the gift giver or the entrepreneur to make their articles not only safe from external elements but also more appealing.

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