Bulk Cellophane Bags

There are people who stock up on certain items, just in case it might come in handy one day. They stock up on food and emergency supplies. If you ask them, they will most likely have cellophane bags on hand as well, since buying bulk cellophane bags allows them to save on cost.

Cellophane bags have a multitude of uses. They are perfect for keeping baked goodies like brownies and cookies, and they are also great for wrapping gifts and party favors. Even businesses use cellophane bags. For example, newspaper companies use cellophane to protect their newspapers from getting wet due to the garden sprinklers.

History of Cellophane Bags

Jacques Edwin Brandenberger was a Swiss chemist who developed the cellophane. In the United States, Whitman’s candy company first used cellophane for its Whitman’s Sampler in 1912, and they imported their cellophane from France until 1924 when DuPont built the first cellophane manufacturing plant in the country. However, the sales of DuPont for cellophane weren’t that good because their product wasn’t moisture-proof. It took them three years, with the help of chemist William Hale Charch, to produce a moisture-proof bag. This development tripled their sales in 1928 and 1930, because when they introduced moisture-proof bags, buyers were able to maintain the freshness of their food products for days. Up to now, cellophane bags are still considered best option for keeping food fresh and moisture-free.

Types of Cellophane Bags

There are four basic types of cellophane bags. These bags can be sealed using a heat sealer, ribbons, or assorted ties.

Aside from the basic types of cellophane bags, you may also get printed and biodegradable cellophane bags. Cellophane sheets and cellophane rolls are available as well. The cellophane sheets are often used in delis for individual sandwiches, while the cellophane roll is for larger objects that cannot fit in cellophane bags.

Go Online for Bulk Purchases

It’s best to go online if you wish to buy bulk cellophane bags. By ordering online from cellophane bag distributors, you will be able to get big savings. The price of cellophane bags depends on their size. It ranges from $4.05 to $17.21 per case only, while a cellophane roll may cost you about $7 to as much as $55. The longer the length of the roll, the more expensive it will be. A case of cellophane sheets, which contains about 5,000 sheets, will reach about $70 or more.

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