Sealable Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags are used for a variety of purposes. The good thing about these bags is that they are sealable. As you know, when food products are to be placed in the bag, a seal is very important. Heat sealing is often used to keep the freshness of the food and to keep the moisture out. But there are also other materials that can be used to seal it like ribbons and ties.

Sealable cellophane bags are great for containing potpourri, fresh and natural produce, soaps and gifts. They are also ideal for calling cards, brochures and literature packets. If you are planning to give out candy or cookies samples, use these bags as well.

Heat Sealed Cellophane Bags

Sealing the bags filled with food helps keep moisture out. This allows the food to retain its natural freshness. Heat sealing is ideal for cookies, cakes, breads and brownies, as well as muffins, dried fruits, spices, cereals and snack food. Using a ribbon to seal may still allow moisture to get in the bag.

Heat sealing can be done using a flat iron. This is a cheaper alternative since you may already have this at home. However, if your baked goods will be sold commercially, it’s best to purchase a heat sealer. Heat sealers are not that expensive, and they are commonly available in hardware and art and craft stores.

Other Types of Sealers

Aside from heat-sealing, you may also use the following to seal your cellophane bags.

Self-Sealing Cellophane Bags

Another type of sealable cellophane bag is the self-sealing bag, which is also known as the lip and tape bag. What you will need to do is to put the contents in the bag and simply lift the strip covering the sticky band and fold over. This will immediately seal the bag. You can easily open and close the bag if you need to get some or all of the contents inside.

There are printed self-sealing cellophane bags available, and you can conveniently use them during birthday parties to contain party favors to give away to kids. The contents will not slip or fall out and using these printed bags would mean that you do not need any ribbons to accessorize them. Just put in the candies and goods, seal them, and they are good to go.

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