What Can Cellophane Bags Be Used For

What can cellophane bags be used for? This question comes to mind when presented with a pack of cellophane bags. Made from regenerated cellulose, cellophane bags are durable, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly packaging materials which have found application in many aspects of day-to-day living. They have been proven useful in businesses selling all kinds of goods, from toys and soaps to edible treats like cakes, candies and cookies. They are also ideal for wrapping gifts, party favors and promotional items.  Even food storage at home also utilizes cellophane bags.

Why use Cellophane Bags

Most people will answer the question, what can cellophane bags be used for, with one word - packaging. Cellophane bags are commonly used as the packaging material for goods sold in supermarkets and groceries.  They are likewise widely used as wrappers for baked products from the local bakeshops. Cellophane bags are perfect for wrapping gifts too, whether they are birthday gifts, wedding gifts, party favors and even promotional items for corporate events and exhibits. These bags are highly favored because:

What are the Different Types of Cellophane Bags?

There are different types of cellophane bags available in the market, and it is very important to learn what these are in order to know what cellophane bags can be used for. The clear or transparent cellophane bag is the most common type which can be used in wrapping all sorts of articles, gifts or treats. Tinted or colored cellophane bags are used if you prefer to slightly hide the contents. Colored cellophane bags may come in purple, gold, green, pink, red and blue colors and are perfect for packing clothing items like jeans and shirts. Printed cellophane bags, on the other hand, lend a more appealing and interesting look to any item, whether they are to serve as gifts, party giveaways, or promotional items.

Cost of Cellophane bags

The cost of cellophane bags is relative to the type, style and size. Clear flat cellophane bags with dimensions of 3”x5” cost around $8 per 100 pieces, while the 9”x12” bags are priced at $20 per pack of a hundred pieces. These bags are ideal for party and wedding favors. Meanwhile, colored cellophane bags cost around $8.  On the other hand, the prices for printed cellophane bags start at $6 for 20 pieces, up to $25 for 100 pieces of cellophane favor bags. If you want to further save on cellophane packaging, you can opt to make homemade cellophane bags from cellophane sheets and rolls. You can obtain cellophane sheets for $6 to $17, and about $15 for cellophane rolls.

What can cellophane bags be used for is a question that every individual can answer depending on his or her needs.  Cellophane bags are surely versatile as they can be used for day-to-day household storage needs, packaging for goods and products for sale, and for wrapping gifts, edible treats, and party favors for special occasions.

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