Paw Print Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags are very popular. They are made of cellulose and they are very good for storage, because they can store all kinds of items. Paw print cellophane bags are specialized bags and they are perfect as gift bags and giveaways, especially for pet-themed parties.

The Science Behind Paw Print Cellophane Bags

You can find paw print cellophane bags everywhere, and you probably have them around you all the time, but do you know how they are made? The cellophane bag got its name from the core material, cellulose, which is derived from plants, and they are compounds of glucose molecules or carbohydrates.

To make them, the cellulose is treated with carbon disulfide and alkali to promote viscosity, and they are permitted to extrude into a bath of dilute sodium sulfate and sulfuric acid to revert it back to its original cellulose properties. This process is repeated until most of the sulfur is removed.

The characteristic of plant cells makes cellophane very durable, highly impermeable and quite hard to degrade. Cellulose-coated films take about 28 to 60 days to complete bio-degradation while uncoated films take as long as 120 days. Ordinary cellophane bags are not very popular to environmentalists because they take quite long to degrade.

Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

People did not really appreciate cellophane bags until much later. In fact, some people still do not use cellophane bags because they think that they are harmful to the environment. Not a lot of people know this but the newer versions of cellophane bags already make use of regenerated cellulose, which means that they are completely biodegradable and will not pose any harm to the environment.

Creative Uses of Paw Print Cellophane Bags

Even though most cellophane bags are already biodegradable, it would still be smart and responsible of you to consider keeping the bags instead of disposing of them right away. Besides, its composition makes it quite versatile and durable, so you just have to stretch your imagination a little to be able to find other uses of cellophane bags.

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