Cellophane Art Bags

Cellophane art bags are one of the most convenient ways of keeping your artworks safe. Should the lucky artist be able to sell one of his paintings, packing the artworks with cellophane art bags is definitely a good idea, compared to other means of packaging an artwork.

The use of cellophane allows the art to be moved safely and with a minimum amount of risk to the art. For temporary storage such as shipping, the low permeability of the cellophane also allows the artwork to breathe, without exposure to dust, bacteria, and other elements that can damage it. As a light, transparent, and flexible material, the cellophane also makes for easy packaging and handling. With cellophane art bags, moving art can be as easy as pie.

The Low Permeability of Cellophane

Cellophane is classified as food grade by the FDA, which means that one can safely transport and package food in cellophane with little to no risk at all from dust, dirt, bacteria and other harmful elements. Because of cellophane's low permeability, things that can negatively affect food are kept outside. But the low permeability of the cellophane can also allow some things to pass through, and allow the artwork to breathe in an environment where more solid packaging keeps the food's atmosphere and environment stale.

And this characteristic is perfect for more sensitive art. The art forms today have ranged beyond the simple oil and canvass medium, and are only limited by the artist's fancy. Keeping the artwork safely inside an environment where it was originally made keeps it in as original a condition as possible.

Other Advantages of Using Cellophane for Packing

Aside from its low permeability, cellophane offers more advantages in packing, with each characteristic contributing positively for cellophane to be used in artworks, whether it is to transport, to temporarily store the package, or to deliver.

A Final Note on Cellophane Art Bags

To keep the artwork as safe as possible, cellophane is a good measure of protection. This does not, however, preclude other forms of packaging. Since the size and weight of cellophane is negligible, adding other forms of protection and packaging can still be made over the cellophane packaging to further decrease the risk of damage to the artwork.

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