Customized Cellophane Bags

Customized cellophane bags are great for any party occasion, but customizing cellophane bags holds more value for a business than for any single social event. Packaging plays an important role in the sales of any product, and with customized cellophane bags, you have at least conquered that part of the business easily. Cellophane is, even now, recognized for its many applications in packaging, and depending on the cellophane grade, it can range from equipment to food grade wrapping. Customized cellophane bags are a quick and easy means of keeping your product visible and cost-effective at the same time.

Cellophane as an Alternative Packaging Option

The alternatives will definitely cost more than using cellophane for packaging. Cellophane has qualities and characteristics that can be perfect for your product, depending on what the product needs and how cellophane can accommodate those needs. In fact, using pouches made of cellophane instead of other containers such as bottles is a perfect example of the relative costs of packaging – one can see the price difference of products in pouches compared to those of bottled products.

Small Businesses, Home Made Products, and Cellophane Packaging

Scale is always a concern regarding the production of any product. As the production increases, the cost decreases, and this is the main reason why large companies are able to keep the prices of their products down, than if they produce it in a much smaller scale. However, not all businesses are in large-scale or industrial production. In fact, there are now more small businesses preferring lower production but higher profit, and this is where cellophane packaging can be most effective.

Adding the Home Made Tag

A good example of small-scale production is adding the “home made factor” into the production of cookies, cupcakes, and other types of food that will not make a mess when packaged with cellophane. Since the FDA has classified cellophane as food grade packaging, the low cost and convenience, especially in storage, can help these types of businesses in the home front.

Industrial Production with Cellophane Packaging

Even in industrial production, cellophane still has its place in packaging. It is food grade packaging, and along with it is its ability to allow a packaged product to breathe while keeping the undesirable elements out makes it the perfect choice, especially for food items with consistently irregular shapes and sizes. While it has been used for candy wrapping since its invention in the early 1900s, today, cellophane is still used in the packaging of tobacco, mainly because of its low permeability.

Going Organic

Cellophane is 100% biodegradable, making it a perfect choice for businesses that wish to make less of a carbon footprint than others in its field of competition. Especially in organic farming, the ability of cellophane to adapt to the shape of the farm produce and its resistance to oil, grease, dirt and bacteria adds to the green factor that organic farming tries to popularize. For this reason, cellophane is a top choice among businesses that are going green.

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