Cone Shaped Cellophane Bags

A fun and creative way to spice up festive celebrations is to present favors in cone shaped cellophane bags. It is a great and easy way to hand your party treats  to the guests and spread the cheer of the occasion. Cone shaped cellophane bags enable you to make your gifts unique, stylish and fun easily and quickly, giving you ample time to carry out other time-consuming preparations for the celebration.

Uses of cone-shaped cellophane bags

These bags are used in virtually all kinds of festive celebrations, including corporate events or promotional purposes. Cone shaped cellophane bags are popular choices for party favors and treats for joyful occasions such as:

Designs of cone shaped cellophane bags

Most cone-shaped cellophane treat bags come in clear films. However, there are also cone-shaped bags that resemble carrots.  The bag is printed with a green top and orange-colored cone body. It should also be noted that these bags come in two sizes, namely, 6 inches x 12 inches and 7 inches x 17 inches.

Getting cheap deals on cone shaped cellophane bags

There are two ways to get good deals on cone shaped cellophane bags. The first one is by buying them in bulk. In most cases, you will find these bags in packs of one hundred or one thousand.  But some stores also sell them in smaller quantities, such as by the dozen. Another way of obtaining cone-shaped treat bags at a lower cost is by making them yourself from cellophane rolls or sheets. This is quite advantageous considering that this allows you to configure the bag according to your specific requirements.

Where to buy cone shaped cellophane bags in the U.S.

There are a lot of craft and party supplies stores selling cone shaped cellophane treat bags, and some of them are:

Do-it-yourself cone shaped cellophane treat bags

If you are up for the job, you can create your own cone-shaped cellophane treat bags. Using a rectangular sheet of cellophane, make a cone from the angle of the rectangle that will fit the item you wish to wrap. Once you get the size that you want, secure it with clear tape and then fill it with the party treat before sealing it with an elastic band or ribbon at the top.

Cone shaped cellophane bags make unique and stylishly fun treats for any occasion that will surely be appreciated and remembered by the guests.

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