Cellophane Bags For Baskets

Cellophane bags for baskets provide both functional and decorative means of wrapping gift baskets filled with different types of presents. Using cellophane bags in wrapping baskets saves both time and money by simply gathering all of the gift items in a basket and placing them inside a stylishly looking cellophane bag. Built from durable cellulose, cellophane bags for baskets can accommodate baskets full of useful products and gift items, only needing attractive ribbons or wires to secure them.

Cellophane bags for baskets make gift-wrapping a snap, whether it is for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, or baby showers. Many find this packaging material very effective in wrapping all sorts of items because not only does it look good, it is also remarkably durable.

Sizes of Basket Cellophane Bags 

There is a wide selection of cellophane bags for baskets to suit every need. Small cellophane basket bags are ideal for small gift baskets measuring 16”w by 20”h.  These bags cost around $17 per 100 pieces. Medium-sized cellophane bags for baskets, which are priced at about $30 per 100 pieces, are great for larger baskets having dimensions of 20”w by 30”h. Meanwhile, large cellophane basket bags measure 28”w x 30”h, making them perfect for large and oversized gift baskets.  They cost $34 per 100 pieces.

How to Choose the Size of Cellophane Bag for a Basket

Shopping for cellophane baskets bags could be a daunting task if an individual does not know what he or she is looking for. It is very important to first determine the requirements by measuring the width and the diameter of the gift basket and then add these measurements together. To illustrate, suppose your gift basket is 14” in width and 8” in diameter, you will then need a 22-inch wide cellophane bag.

Designs of Cellophane Basket Bags 

Cellophane bags for baskets are available in a variety of designs perfect for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. There are also cellophane basket bag designs for graduations and baby showers.  Although transparent cellophane bags are very common, colored cellophane bags are available as well including those with unique designs and patterns of elegant confetti, fern dots, dot-dot-green, swirl white and damask gold, to name a few. Whatever occasion is behind giving a gift basket, one will find that there are endless options for cellophane bags for baskets to choose from.

What is the Cheapest Way to wrap your Basket using Cellophane Bags?

Should you prefer a more personalized and economical gift basket, homemade cellophane basket bags will suit you. You do not have to be a professional crafter to be able to make fashionable basket cellophanes. Making homemade cellophane bags for basket is pretty easy and there are lots of cellophane rolls to choose from which are available at very reasonable prices - just around $16 per roll.

If you have decided on the size and design of the cellophane bags for baskets that you need, you can buy them from:

Cellophane bags for baskets are very effective means of wrapping baskets of gift items with style and personal touch.

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