Cellophane Bags For Cakes

Wondering how to wrap your cake attractively? Have you considered cellophane bags for cakes? Cellophane bags have become the popular choice of gift wrapping material, and even the baking industry has been using them as well. These bags are not just durable but stylish too. Cellophane bags effectively retain the aroma of any food item, like cakes, and at the same time make them even more appealing. Cellophane bags for cakes are made from regenerated cellulose thereby posing no environmental hazard.  Furthermore, they come in a variety of designs and sizes that you will definitely find one that suits your needs.

What makes cellophane bags perfect for wrapping cakes?

There are several reasons why many people are now using cellophane bags for cakes, these include:

Sizes and designs of cellophane cake bags

One will find a wide variety of cellophane bags for cakes in the market these days, ranging from small to oversized cake bags. There are self-sealing cake bags suitable for giving cake slices as party favors to guests; while gusseted cake bags are excellent for full round cakes.  They come in both clear and printed patterns reflecting all sorts of special occasions.

How to wrap cakes in cellophane bags for cakes

To calculate the size of the cellophane bag to be used in wrapping round cakes, get the width and diameter of the cake then add 2 inches. It is best to put some toothpicks on the top edges of the cake to protect the frosting against the cellophane. Fasten it with a brightly-colored ribbon 3 inches away from the cake top. 
If an individual chooses to add some personal touches to their cake bags, there are cake cellophane sheets and rolls for homemade cellophane cake bags. Wrapping cakes in cellophane goes like this:

Cellophane bags for cakes are usually available in craft shops, local discount stores and floral shops, including international suppliers and over the internet. Whether it is for party favors or for special occasions like birthdays, weddings and holidays, cellophane bags for cakes are attractive and functional packaging materials for delicious cakes.

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